Kings of War(hammer)!!! - Part I - Memory Lane

So just a little over three months ago I received my Kings of War pledge rulebooks in the mail and a journey back into tactical unit based games has begun again. To stroll with my down memory lane and learn my thoughts both on Kings of War and Age of Sigmar click  <<here>>

Scourge Painting Tutorial - Part II

Scourge Infantry Part II - Highlighting, basing, and finishing!

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Painting Tutorial- Painting the Scourge Heavy Infantry: Eviscerators and Destroyers

Since I've had a few requests I thought I'd post up a quick "how to" on creating the bone coloured/blood fused Scourge heavy infantry I've recently finished.  Right now this is just a preview but over the next couple of weeks I'll be finishing a second set and doing a step by step.

In the meantime, here are my miniature minions of evil:

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The Great Escape

Still working on my update for Captain Con and all the demos. In the meantime here is a cinematic shot from my game Saturday against Ian from "Andy G. and Ian C. 40k, WFB, DW, FS:A, BFG, Necro – and more!". I call it, "The Great Escape".

Turn 4 of our game with Ian up 2-0 in objectives my Immortal infantry finally kills off his Resistance and get into their Junos and the Dropship picks them up.  As they're trying to flee twin Lifthawks are chasing them down while the Phobos railgun shots fill the sky.  The Neptune made it off the board on the last turn, with a damage point left, to tie the game...

Revenge is a dish best served...lukewarm? (PHR versus Shaltari Battle Report)

Last Saturday Peter and I got in another game of DZC.  We both are still experimenting around with units and how they work so this time it was still PHR versus Shaltari but we varied up the lists quite a bit.

The results were much more even this time, with a special MVP going to my Phobos and the newest member of my PHR -


For the full battle report, click <here>.

Recon on Antilles IV

060615! Brian gets to game again.  The last few months have been very busy between work and the rest of real life so it's been quite a while since I got a chance to sit (stand...) down and actually play a game. This week Klarg1 and I got a chance to try out full 1500 point DZC armies and his Shaltari faced off against my PHR.

On the plus side, my entire force was painted. On the negative side, it was all the more painful to watch them go down in flames...

For a (short) report/summary and pictures click <here>

A preview of things to come...

Just a placeholder for now. I'm working on a battle report for Dropzone Commander and a painting update for my Directorate. Lots of stuff happening in the next few weeks. So in the's a closeup of the action. This is before the Resistance Bikers came in and made short work of the Ares War Walkers but just after my Odins finished off a pair of Resistance tanks...

1300 points - only 200 more for a tourney sized army

Just a minor update this weekend. I'm at 1300 points now for my PHR - almost to a fully painted 1500 point army.

I need moar infantry! And some painted Sirens (they're in progress). I fear I have too many transports and not enough machines of war...

Still, fully painted and on the table it makes me feel pretty good.

For a few more pics, click <<here>>

Battle Report #1, Dropzone Commander - PHR versus Shaltari

Ya hya chouhada!!!

Four of us got together today and braved the new England snows to play our first get together for Dropzone Commander.

After breaking off into groups Peter from Blind Metal minis and I ended up facing off. A simple basic game, 700 points each. Read more <<here>>

Firestorm Armada Battle Report - Prelude to the RETURN OF THE OVERSEERS

Hey all,

So fellow blogger and gamer Klarg1 of "Bind Metal minis" and I have set a New Years goal to get some (hopefully) somewhat polished battle reports up online for the various mini games we play. Our plan is get some detailed turn by turn written as well as (gasp!) video battle reports up. This is the first in a series of reports that we'll be presenting which will lead up to the new boxed set "Return of the Overseers" as well as (possibly) a series of linked battles for Dropzone Commander that will deal with and introduce the Resistance and main campaign that's going on in that game world.

Our cross blog idea is that each of us will post up the same report (in terms of graphics) but give our own perspectives on how the battle went and our own turn by turn analysis. Hopefully the differing opinions will show how tactics evolve and different playstyles lead to different game decisions. Or it just might end up being a bunch of babble...but either way it'll come with pretty pictures :P.

For the complete report <<click here>>