2017 - Let the Games Continue!

Spears! Assemble at my command!

Just a quick update on what I've been doing in the gaming universe lately...

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Kings of War (hammer) Part II

So yes...I've been a wee bit busy lately with work projects, a lovely lady, and lots of other parts of real life. But in the last month I've dusted off my figures and...

The Elves of Old have rode out to battle once again!!

It's time for some more Dropzone Commander and Kings of WAR!!!

I've played two games in the last two weeks. Against Dwarves and Dark Elves from different opponents...

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Kings of War(hammer)!!! - Part I - Memory Lane

So just a little over three months ago I received my Kings of War pledge rulebooks in the mail and a journey back into tactical unit based games has begun again. To stroll with my down memory lane and learn my thoughts both on Kings of War and Age of Sigmar click  <<here>>

Scourge Painting Tutorial - Part II

Scourge Infantry Part II - Highlighting, basing, and finishing!

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