1300 points - only 200 more for a tourney sized army

Just a minor update this weekend. I'm at 1300 points now for my PHR - almost to a fully painted 1500 point army.

I need moar infantry! And some painted Sirens (they're in progress). I fear I have too many transports and not enough machines of war...

Still, fully painted and on the table it makes me feel pretty good.

For a few more pics, click <<here>>

Battle Report #1, Dropzone Commander - PHR versus Shaltari

Ya hya chouhada!!!

Four of us got together today and braved the new England snows to play our first get together for Dropzone Commander.

After breaking off into groups Peter from Blind Metal minis and I ended up facing off. A simple basic game, 700 points each. Read more <<here>>