The Great Escape

Still working on my update for Captain Con and all the demos. In the meantime here is a cinematic shot from my game Saturday against Ian from "Andy G. and Ian C. 40k, WFB, DW, FS:A, BFG, Necro – and more!". I call it, "The Great Escape".

Turn 4 of our game with Ian up 2-0 in objectives my Immortal infantry finally kills off his Resistance and get into their Junos and the Dropship picks them up.  As they're trying to flee twin Lifthawks are chasing them down while the Phobos railgun shots fill the sky.  The Neptune made it off the board on the last turn, with a damage point left, to tie the game...


  1. It was! The best games are always the closest ones where one or two die rolls make or break the end.