Let the games begin!!!

Oh right, I get to play a game with these guys...

Just a brief update this week. Last weekend I managed to get my first game in with my Dropzone Commander armies as Ian from "AndyG and Ian's miniatures game blog" and Klarg1 and I tried out the game and learned the basic rules.

I provided both armies as this was our first time out and I have the most painted figures.  We wanted to see the figures on the table, check out Hawk Wargames terrain box, and really see the rules in action.

For a look at the table and a review of the game and terrain, <<click here>>

Finding Inspiration

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

Applying the colours, using the various techniques, and finishing a model takes time, patience, and effort.  But that's the fun part of the creation process.

The hardest part in painting for me has always been just finding the right scheme.  It's in that "getting started" phase in which I spend the most time and have the most frustration. Test bed models, ruined paint schemes...I have buckets of figures with half done paint jobs, odd colours, and minor dents (from me tossing the poor things back into a box!).  The challenge of finding the right colours, the right base coats and highlights, and all the final details is the mountain I have to climb before finally sitting down in front of a painted figure and having the joy of accomplishment that comes after that last coat of varnish.

It's to that end that I want to explore the things I use for inspiration...
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Updates to Dropzone Commander and some new toys

The sound of the rain beats heavily on my window pane. The wind howls and the rumbling of my furnace kicks in.

The painting gods are saying "stay in Brian...your minis need you". Damn painting gods and their thrice cursed foretelling of winter...

(Translation: It was a cold and damp weekend and that means it was a perfect time to get some painting done.)

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