Behold the Legions at my command!


Ahem...I mean


So I've been on hiatus (doing a fair bit of vacationing and travel) but I've managed to get enough time to start up my new Kings of War army:

The Legions of the Abyss

For this army I'll be using a mix of figures from all kinds of ranges (Mantic, GW, Rackham, Puppetswar, and a few one offs).

For years I've been a Chaos WHFB player - mostly focusing on daemons and beastmen.  The call of the dark gods and, in particular, of Slaanesh has always been strong to me ever since I was a kid and saw Conan: The Barbarian.  In that movie Conan (and obvious worshiper of Khorne...erm.. "Crom" the god  under the mountain) fought against Thulsa Doom a worshipper of Slaanesh.

The serpentine nature as well as the allure of the "pleasure and pain" aspect of the god Slaanesh (I'm a fan of Hellraiser...) has a sort of primal antediluvian appeal to me.

This list will focus primarily on speed and flanking with a lot of vulnerable but hard hitting units. I'm hoping to not rely too much on the flying unit crutch and focus away from too much shooting an instead be a fast moving flanking force with lots of Hellhounds:

Riders of the Abyss:

(works in progress!)

As well as Succubi (no progress yet) and a large allied contingent of Abyssal Grotesques:

The rest I'll choose as I begin to playtest the list out.  In the meantime I'm having tons of fun painting these units up and I hope to post, in the next few weeks, a bunch of in progress and step by step images of the list as it unfolds. The, by the time the summer comes along I should be ready to fight to unleash the gates of Hell itself into the world of Mantica!

My biggest hope for this army will be to settle down and, no matter how long it takes, make this a sort of culmination of my hobby life/career to date. I intend to scenic bases for every figure in this list all with a mountain craig/stone theme showing the Abyssals just after they pass out of the fiery depths (so no flaming/lava bases). I want to do my best not to make something just tabletop ready but to sail out with my imagination and make something truly otherworldly.

Wish me luck! For now...let the dwellers of the forests, let the realms of men, the clans of the dwarves, and Kingdoms of the Elves quiver - for the Legions of the Abyss are on the Rise!

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