And so it begins...

Welcome to Magnetized to lead! My own personal slice of the web - an archive, a living document, and a testimony to how much one can love war games, miniatures, and all things tactical and tabletop related. For now this is a partially a placeholder, with the hope of creating a growing collection of ideas and musings on all things gaming related.

Things I hope to cover here:
(many of which will come in 2015...I hope)

Battle Reports! (with plans for video batreps as well)
Tabletop Wargame Reviews
Painting blogs and tutorials
General musings on the miniatures gaming universe

But before we get too far in...

A note on the name. For years now (some...30 and counting...) I have been an avid collector of miniatures. So much so, that over the years, my friends would tell me that I was a magnet for "lead" (the most common medium by which older miniatures were made). If I new and cool mini came out I would buy it first, then figure out a reason to have it later. I have a collection (someday I will list here) of figures spanning back to the mid 80s and all the way through a continuing and growing collection today.

I was 14 when I purchased my first 10mm historic army - Ancient Egyptians - and I haven't looked back since.

A general idea of the subject matter I will cover here - aka game systems I love and play, in no particular order as my favourite changes over time.

Star Fleet Battles
Dropzone Commander
Firestorm Armada
Babylon 5 Wars
Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Warhammer 40k (yeah, yeah, hammer GW all you want this still make damn fine minis!)
Robotech RPG Tactics (mostly because I love the art and style of Macross).

So I hope you'll check back here from time to time and hopefully I'll have enough progress to merit updating the site. I (hope) plan to do 1-2 updates a month unless massive progress tells me otherwise.

My first two series will be dedicated to my newest loves - Firestorm Armada and Dropzone Commander.

Here is a preview of my latest project:


This is my week 5 update on painting a new army for DZC. For a look at the progress I've made to date, click <here>.

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